Bio Cell Filter Media Info - 2021

Please provide the following highly useful information to ALL of your staff involved in bidding and project cost estimates.

Ever-Green is your convenient, one stop provider for

We provide pre-mixed ready to install product. Just show up and we’ll load your dump trucks.

You may have noticed that more and more project specs are calling for BIO CELL FILTER MEDIA for use in BIO CELLS, RAIN GARDENS, DETENTION BASINS, AND FILTER BEDS

Here at Ever-Green we stay in close contact with highly respected professionals in the field of soil science to keep up on what the latest research and testing shows to be the most effective mixture for BIO CELL FILTER MEDIA.

More than one contractor has commented on how Ever-Green has taken the variables and the “mystery” out of this line item on a bid since we provide “finished” ready to install BIO CELL FILTER MEDIA and also how cost effective and simple to properly install it is in comparison to other water management systems such as infiltration wells.

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I’ll be happy to discuss the project you are bidding and provide you with a wholesale quote per cubic yard loaded at Ever-Green. Our pricing has not changed in six years and remains the same for 2021

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