Fact Sheet

Ecolinks Unitized Erosion Control Socks are a three-stage filter system designed to remove sediment load from construction site runoff water.

Sediment lead is first reduced when runoff water passes through the cloth sock membrane on the upstream side of the sock. Then again as it passes through the sock fill material and finally, as it passes through the cloth sock membrane on the downstream side of the sock.

  • Ecolinks can be used in places where silt fencing is impractical or cost prohibitive.
  • Ecolinks can be installed during the winter, spring, summer or fall.
  • Ecolinks are effective on hard surfaces such as pavement or cement.
  • If properly maintained, Ecolinks can be used on multiple job sites.
  • Ecolinks sock fill can be recycled for use in landscaping beds, around the yard or to mulch trees.
  • Using Ecolinks will help you gain points in LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification.

Our Mission:
To help protect the waters of Iowa. "Everyone lives downstream."