Pricing and Delivery


We listened to our customers' concerns about the excessive weight of wood filled socks and we have responded with an innovative new and improved "sock" product providing superior performance.
Beginnning immediately, and with NO PRICE INCREASE, Ever-Green's ECOLINKS™ Unitized Erosion Control Socks will feature FREEDOM™ Fiber fill material.
A full 9" diameter sock weighs just 4 lbs per foot, yet this product is laboratory tested and proven to be 96 percent effective at soil retention.
This fine textured, PH neutral fill material never needs to leave the jobsite. The sock can be slit open and the used fill material can be machine or hand graded into the finish grade with no negative effects.

Delivery of Palletized Socks

We offer FREE Cedar Rapids area delivery on 5 pallets of more of 8” or 9” sock. We also offer free delivery on full eight pallet straight truck loads of 8” or 9” sock to Iowa City, Waterloo or a similar distance from Cedar Rapids.
Please call for delivery options on 12" stock.
There is NO pallet charge. However, we will rebate you $8.00 per pallet for each one you return.

2021 Wholesale Contractor Pricing on pallets or loose

  • Standard size filter socks (suitable for most erosion control)
    Heavy duty, high visibility, safety green
    16 feet long x 9 inches diameter
    $1.50 per foot/$24.00 each
  • Jumbo size filter socks (suitable for concrete clean outs, heavy flow areas, or where specs require it)
    16 feet long x 12 inches diameter
    $2.50 per foot/$40.00 each
  • Bulk filter berm material
    Wholesale price picked up at Ever-Green- $7.00 per cubic yard.
    Delivery available in 22 cubic yard straight trucks.
    Bio Cell Filter Media (Amended Soil) - Finished product ready to load - $50.00 per cubic yard.
    50 Count bundles of wooden stakes 1" x 2" x 18" - $25.00 per bundle.
    Curlex 2 Seed Mat 8' x 90' - $80.00 or 16' x 90' - $160.00.
    Seed Mat and Sod Staples 6" x 2" 1000 count box - $50.00.
    Super Heavy Duty Erosion Eels 9' x 8" Reusable to bridge storm drains - $95.00 each.
    501b 9ags of sun/shade grass seed, as well as, wildflower mixes and wildlife food plot mixes.

Our Mission:
To help protect the waters of Iowa. "Everyone lives downstream."