Ever-Green Products

Ever-Green Landscape Nursery and Supply manufactures and directly distributes the following items throughout Iowa:

  1. Playmate® Play Area Wood Chips®
    Used by hundreds of cities, towns, and other government entities on thousands of playgrounds across Iowa and the Midwest. Our product has earned it's reputation as the "GOLD STANDARD" in loose fill playground safety surfacing. ALWAYS made from clean, debarked, virgin hardwood.
  2. Bulk Mulch Products including, Color Enhanced, Walnut Brown, Medium Brown, Red, Gold and Black. Also Natural Hardwood Products, Econo Products and Specialty Mulch Products.
    Delivery by straight truck or semi.
  3. Ecolinks™ Unitized Erosion Control Socks
    Sold loose or stretch wrapped on pallets for the same price. Also bulk "filter berm" material.
  4. "Finished" ready to load your trucks, Bio Cell Filter Media material


Our Mission:
To help protect the waters of Iowa. "Everyone lives downstream."