ECOLINKS™ Unitized Erosion Control Socks

from Ever-Green Landscape Nursery and Supply

Ecolinks™ Unitized Erosion Control Socks are a three-stage filter system designed to remove sediment load from construction site runoff water.

Ecolinks™ Unitized Erosion Control Socks address common construction site problems that may have an impact on safety, productivity and regulatory compliance.
The problems:

  • Muddy, slippery when wet job sites
  • Erosion control
  • Sediment control
  • Concrete washout stations
  • Portable toilet containment
  • Storm water inlet protection

The solution:

  • Ecolinks Unitized Erosion Control Socks, loose or on pallets
  • plus Bulk filter berm and job site cover material and Inlet protection products provided by Ever-Green Landscape Nursery and Supply.

Ecolinks™ Unitized Erosion Control Socks

  • Made with Iowa-grown Freedom™ Fiber fill material. Laboratory-proven to be 96% effective at soil retention.
  • Each sock measures 9 inches in diameter and 16-feet long. 12-inch diameter is also available.
  • This new sock product weighs in at only 41bs (per foot). That's half the weight of 8-inch wood filled sock!
  • We coil 8 units per pallet for a total of 128 linear feet of superior erosion control.
  • Our pallets are stretch wrapped tight for easy transport and handling around your jobsite.

Our Mission:
To help protect the waters of Iowa. "Everyone lives downstream."